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Liberty car Insurance phone number

  • Drivers will find features such as accident forgiveness (first accident after five years of clean history) and lifetime repair guarantees at Liberty Mutual helpful
  • There are a number of channels to access Liberty Mutual: website, local agents, and smartphone apps
  • Some customer feedback has mentioned uncoordinated communication in their interaction with Liberty Mutual representatives, and rate increases without cause

Liberty Mutual Premium Comparison

Let's look at insurance quotes for three demographics and compare Liberty's rate with their competition. These sample quotes are from downtown Boston, MA.

Driver Profile Liberty Mutual Allstate GEICO
Single Male, 20 yr $11, 112 $3, 540 $2, 040
Single Female, 30 yr $4, 452 $1, 392 $960
Married Couple, 45 yr $4, 308 $1, 248 $876

Helpful Auto Insurance Features

Liberty Mutual offers a number of features that are helpful to its customers, such as accident forgiveness, a lifetime repair guarantee, and new car replacement. For example, drivers who have had spotless driving records for the previous five years (regardless of where their vehicle was insured) can have their first accident forgiven without increases to their auto insurance premiums. The company is affiliated with a national network of auto repair shops. Policyholders who get their cars repaired at one of these shops receive a lifetime repair guarantee. Furthermore, should the insured car be less than a year old with no more than 15, 000 miles driven, then it is eligible for Liberty Mutual's optional New Car Replacement program. If the car is completely totaled (outside of North Carolina and Wyoming), the insurer will pay for a new car, and not at the lower depreciated current value of the car.

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