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Finding the cheapest travel insurance provider isn’t easy because prices vary dramatically depending on the length of the trip, destination, total costs, and number and ages of travelers. In order to get a good sense of which companies consistently offer cheap travel insurance, we used each company’s online quote tool to gather pricing data for several travel itineraries. Each had a different trip length, cost, destination, and traveler profile. We took into account the full range of prices offered by the companies’ different travel insurance policies and came up with the most affordable travel insurance providers, below.

Allianz makes the list of the cheapest travel insurance providers, performing better than average in all of our test quotes. You can select between single-trip and annual coverage depending on how often you travel. If you plan on taking several trips over the course of the year, an annual plan could help you save even more because it covers an unlimited amount of trips taken within a 12-month period. Another great thing about Allianz travel insurance is that its plans aren’t as restrictive as some others in the industry. It lets you insure trips that cost up to $100, 000 and there is no age limit on its medical coverage, something which is relatively unusual among travel insurance providers.

HTH Travel Insurance consistently offered some of the most affordable travel insurance policies of all the companies we reviewed. If you’re traveling with others, its plans become even more affordable, with special rates available to groups of five or more people traveling together. HTH Travel Insurance also provides some of the most flexible plans around by enabling you to select your coverage limits and your deductibles. If you decide you don’t need trip protection coverage, there’s also the option to purchase medical-only travel insurance, which covers any emergency medical treatment you need while you’re out of the country. Few other travel insurance providers offer this type of policy, so if it sounds appealing to you, you may want to take a closer look at HTH Travel Insurance’s wide selection of plans.

WorldNomads.com is another travel insurance provider that offered some very affordable rates for every one of our test trips. Although its coverage limits may not be as high as those of some other companies, it still provides some solid trip protection and emergency medical and dental coverage with all of its plans. In addition, WorldNomads.com offers some of the best adventure sports coverage you’ll find, making it a great choice if you plan on participating in any of these higher-risk activities during your trip. The best news is that WorldNomads.com’s rates are much more fixed than those you’ll find with other companies, so it doesn’t matter how far or how long you plan to be gone because you pay the same fee either way.

CSA Travel Protection also scores a spot on the list of cheap travel insurance companies. It offers two different travel insurance policies to choose from, both of which include coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, trip and baggage delays, and emergency medical and dental care. The Custom Luxe plan even provides rental car insurance at no additional cost. You can also purchase optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage with either plan. Getting a quote from CSA Travel Protection is very quick and simple to do, so it’s worth your while to check out what it has to offer you and your traveling companions.

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