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Progressive auto Insurance quote phone number

Are Progressive's online rates the same as rates from an agent?

No. Buying direct or through an agent could result in different prices for Progressive policies because those areas of our business make independent decisions about the expenses they incur and the prices of their products.

If you buy through an agent/broker, your rate includes the commission paid to the agent/broker for selling the policy. If you buy directly from Progressive, the rate reflects the cost of building, staffing and maintaining the sales centers and marketing costs of that aspect of our business.

Regardless of how your purchase your Progressive policy, you'll always receive the benefits and services Progressive offers to all its customers, including unparalleled 24/7 customer, claims and online service.

How can I make payments?

  • Online — Log in to our online customer service site to pay online.
  • Mobile Text — Send a payment using your cell phone or mobile device.
  • Phone — Call us to make a payment by phone.
  • Automatic Payments — Set up an installment plan to automatically deduct your payment each month.
  • Mail — Send a check with your monthly bill in the mail.

You can pay for your Progressive policy through the following means:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Online Check
  • Personal check or money order
  • Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking account

Is my payment accepted immediately?

If you make a payment online, by phone or by mobile phone, we will accept your payment immediately. If you have automatic payments set up, your payment will be accepted on the regularly scheduled date. If you mail your payment, we will note the postmark date on your envelope and consider your payment to be made on that date.

What happens if I mail a payment on the due date?

We consider the postmark date on your envelope as your payment date, so even if you mail a payment on the due date, your payment will be considered on time.

How does Progressive determine my insurance rate?

Progressive, like other insurers, groups customers based on similar characteristics, evaluates their claims experiences within these groups, and determines what to charge individuals with characteristics similar to members of the group. We charge a higher rate for customers more likely to have claims, and a lower rate for customers less likely to have claims.

How can I receive rates for other car insurance companies?

To receive rates for other leading auto insurers in your state, you must get a Progressive Direct car insurance quote first. Once you receive your quote, you can answer a few more questions to compare our rate with rates from other leading car insurance companies.

Why did my rate change after I received a quote?

Several factors could influence why your rate changed between the time you received your quote and the time you decided to purchase your policy. If it's been a few months since you received your quote, it's possible we revised rates in your area, which could decrease or increase the price you pay for auto insurance. If you received a quote recently, it's possible something on your driving record - or the driving records of others on your policy - prompted a change in the quoted price. Please contact us at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE (1-800-776-4737), and we can help answer your questions.

Does anyone regulate what you charge for insurance?

Each state requires auto insurance companies to file how they calculate customer rates, and insurers cannot deviate from these filed rates. Each state also has regulators who review that information and the rates companies charge.

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