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Multiple car policy comparison

Getting quotes on one policy can be a tedious task; getting multi-car insurance and multi-policy insurance quotes is even more of a challenge. The thought of shopping around for car and home insurance quotes from many insurance companies is enough to make the average consumer throw in the towel. However, it does not have to be difficult or time consuming to compare bundled insurance plans.

A local member agent in the Trusted Choice network can help. These agents work with multiple insurance companies, not just one. And they can quickly compare car and home insurance quotes from several providers. Simply get a quote by entering your ZIP code now, or find an agent to get started.

More Ways to Save on Second Car Insurance

When shopping for multiple car insurance policies, there are several factors that can affect your costs. These include the make, model and age of each vehicle to be insured, and the ages and driving histories of each of the drivers listed for the vehicles.

Here is an important tip to help you shop for multi-vehicle insurance quotes: The more you can show that you and your family members are excellent, cautious drivers, the better. Here are some things you can do to save:

  • Take an approved defensive driver course or driver safety program
  • Remind all family members to drive responsibly and maintain a good driving record, which can lead to safe driver discounts
  • Encourage teens and young drivers in the family to keep good grades; good student discounts may be available
  • Install anti-theft devices on all vehicles

Be sure to ask your agent for information on any available discounts as well. Because every independent agency partners with multiple insurance companies, your agent can compare discounts from several insurers, and may be aware of additional ways to save on multi-car bundles.

More Ways to Save on Car and Home Insurance Bundles

In addition to shopping for lower cost multiple car insurance rates, you can also look for ways to save even more on your bundled car and home insurance.

For example, you can take a number of measures to make your home a safer place, which reduces your risk of an insurance claim. Insurance companies often reward these measures with discounts. Your independent agent may be able to find you discounts for safety and security measures such as:

  • Installing a car burglar alarm and anti-theft device
  • Taking a safe driving course
  • Remaining claims-free as a driver and homeowner
  • Installing a home security system or burglar alarm
  • Placing dead bolt locks on all external doors of your home
  • Requesting a non-smoking discount if you and your family members don’t smoke

The secret to the best car and home insurance rates is really a multi-pronged approach. Everything you can do to make your home, cars, and drivers safer – in practice and on record – the more you can potentially reduce your insurance costs. Even being married can decrease your risks in the eyes of home and auto insurance companies. Be sure to ask your agent about all available discounts.

Bundling Car and Home Insurance with Other Policies

Bundled plans are not limited to car and home insurance. Talk to your agent about whether it is possible to bundle additional personal and family policies. Many companies will bundle car and motorcycle insurance, and many will provide discounts on several of your outdoor toys, in particular RVs and boats.

Talking with an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network is one of the fastest ways to compare quotes on home and car insurance. These agents have access to a number of different insurance companies, which means they can help you compare multiple quotes and options and make an informed choice. Get started today learning more about bundled plans. Simply find an agent in the Trusted Choice network or get a free quote by entering your ZIP code.

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