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The best way to find the cheapest car insurance for you is to get a handful of quotes.

Our data shows that GEICO is the most reliably cheap car insurance provider nationwide, but that still doesn’t mean it’ll be the absolute cheapest for you, too. Insurance rates are a result of complex algorithms unique to each carrier that take in a bunch of your personal information — your age, ZIP code, driving history, credit score, and the kind of car you drive — and come back with a quote. Each company weighs those individual risk factors differently, so even if GEICO is the cheapest for many, it isn’t going to be the cheapest for everyone.

You can drive your rates down even further.

Drive a less risky car. If your vehicle is among the most frequently stolen in your area, insurance companies may opt to charge more for coverage. They’re also likely to charge more if your vehicle is sportier.

Improve your credit score. It might take a while to improve your credit score, but it’s worth the work. Car insurance is just one of many areas you’re probably paying more for your low credit score.

Report your ZIP code change when you move to a different area. Insurance providers take your location into account, and if you live in an area that has a denser population, more cars on the road, or a higher crime rate, your car is riskier in the eyes of insurance providers. It might not be feasible (or worth it) to move for a lower auto insurance premium, but if you do move, don’t forget to let your insurer know.

Drive less. Some companies offer discounts based on how much you actually drive your vehicle. If you can shave some miles off your work commute with a new route, let your insurer know and you might also shave some dollars off your monthly premium.

Ask about discounts. Some providers offer price breaks if you take a defensive driver course or if your vehicle has certain safety equipment. One common option is the multi-policy discount, so if you’re also in the market for affordable home or renters insurance, you may be able to lower your rate.

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