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car insurance mapWhen it comes to auto insurance, what you pay may depend more on where you live than what you drive. High crime rates, heavy traffic and a large number of uninsured drivers can send insurance rates through the roof. Check out the list of cities with the highest and lowest car insurance by CarInsurance.com, and see if your city makes the list.

Detroit, MI

The Motor City boasts the most expensive car insurance rates in the nation. On average, it costs over $5, 000 a year to insure your car for the year in Detroit. Michigan’s no-fault policy and a large number of uninsured drivers are responsible for pushing residents’ premiums sky-high.

Brooklyn, NY

There are a number of reasons why it’s so rare for Brooklyn residents to own a car, and high insurance premiums is one of them. Motorists pay 151% over the New York state average in insurance premiums. The city’s high population and notorious traffic makes it one of the most expensive places to insure your vehicle.

Philadelphia, PA

The city of brotherly love has one of the highest accident rates and vehicle theft rates in the nation. As a result, Philadelphia residents pay an average of almost $3, 000 per year in car insurance.

Providence, RI

On average, drivers living in Providence pay almost twice as much as those living in other cities in the state. They pay about $2, 700 per year in car insurance premiums.

New Orleans, LA

Poorly maintained roads and long commutes put New Orleans in fifth place on the list with an average annual premium of about $2, 500. Another factor that leads to higher insurance rates is a state law allowing residents to sue insurance companies after an accident.

Green Springs, OH

If you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance rates in the nation, try moving to Green Springs. On average, you’ll pay about $650 per year in car insurance premiums.

Arden, NC

North Carolina’s state policies can be credited with keeping this city’s car insurance low. If you live in Arden, you’ll pay about $670 per year in car insurance. Arden benefits from low population density and the state’s highly regulated insurance industry.

Saco, ME

The number three spot goes to Saco, where residents pay about $700 per year in car insurance. On average, annual auto insurance premiums in the city are 7% lower than other cities in the state.

Christiansburg, VA

With a population of just over 21, 000, Christiansburg enjoys average car insurance premiums of just over $750 per year. Not only do residents pay some of the lowest insurance premiums in the nation, they pay about 16% less than everyone else in their state.

Boise, ID

Low crime rates and a lack of traffic congestion make Boise a great state for low-cost auto insurance. Residents enjoy short commutes (an average of just 20 minutes), which help keep the average annual insurance premium quite low: just $753.

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