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20 year ago this November my husband purchased, through his business a million dollar -20 year pay term insurance policy. When he left the company, we kept paying the monthly premiums to this day. Now that he is coming to the end of his 20th year, the policy goes to 6 figures a month. Obviously, beyond what we can pay annually. They tell us that somewhere in the 20 page+ document 5 years ago, if we had called THEM (or the agent)... who don't know where he is we had a chance to buy less insurance and continue the policy like at $100K. Obviously at 15 years into the policy, we had it filed with our final documents and never called. Consequently, he is turning 79 and he has NO life insurance and he has had health issues and cannot pass a physical.

As seniors this is a RIP OFF that we should be expected to remember something that happened 20 years ago. We don't make a practice of reviewing our final documents on a yearly or even at that time 5 year basis. So we have paid in over $200, 000 and can't get insurance. I find it interesting that not once in the past 20 years have they missed taking out on a monthly premium... Wow, if I had changed bank accounts or did not have funds, they would have reached out to me. But they can't do the same... Don't they realize we are seniors and have not the best recall of things that happened 20 years ago. What made us recall is that we remember it was a 20 year policy. I understand it is common amongst insurers like Mutual of Omaha to do this... They win - we lose.

I think this practice of ripping off people as they age (and did not have to collect on the insurance) should be investigated by Congress or at least State Insurance policies... We are not asking for anything but at least a portion of the total premium paid in should be put into force as term insurance and we would gladly pay the premium for $100K or the same outrageous amount that we were paying for 1 million... we would pay for $100K.

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