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Compare auto Insurance companies

It's finally possible to compare car insurance companiesWhen buying a car consumers compare price, quality, warranty, service, and other key points. Unfortunately, there is no good way to compare car insurance when it comes time to insure the car. In fact, it’s not possible because data on insurance company performance has not been shared with consumers.

Matters are made worse because nearly all companies offering reviews of insurance companies are conflicted. They either sell insurance, get paid by insurance companies to do studies of how good they are or have insurance companies as investors.

This reality is finally changing. Consumers must have the ability to easily compare car insurance. With the power of data analytics, that’s now possible. Finally, consumers can actually compare car insurance companies.

It’s Now Possible to Easily Compare Car Insurance Companies

Consumers tell us they want to compare car insurance on the following points:

  • Price – is the price fair for the protection provided? Or, is the price a teaser rate until the next bill arrives?
  • Protection (claims payment history) – will the company stand behind their promise to protect?
  • Service – Which companies treat their customers the best?

Consumers deserve to know how insurance companies compare on these three points. After all, consumers are required to buy insurance. They deserve to know if what they are buying is any good. If a company scores low on any of these points, consumers should be able to know that.

This is exactly the information ValChoice provides. ValChoice collects large amounts of data and calculates for consumers just how good every insurance company is. Consumers can finally compare car insurance companies, and know how good theirs is. We do the analysis for you. Best of all, every consumer can get free reports. Click the button below to get a free report on your insurance company.

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