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Progressive auto Insurance hours

[Open on various images of Progressive customers. A montage of a Progressive sign. A Progressive Claims adjuster inspecting a damaged car. Customers receiving help from Progressive employees. Cut to Progressive customer speaking from inside a Progressive Service Center.]

Customer 1:

The first thing the Claims representative said was, "Are you okay? How do you feel?" Just sitting there anticipating someone hitting you and hoping that they just swerve...just a little more...just a little more...boom. And here we are, the aftermath.

Customer 2:

We got over there and looked at the vehicle, my husband indicated that it's not gonna go anywhere. I told him, I said, "Well I need to call the insurance company, " and immediately, they stepped up.


[Montage of Progressive Service Center representative on the phone, a Progressive Claims adjuster inspecting a damaged vehicle, Progressive representatives helping customers.]

My expectations were someone to...for Progressive to provide me with seamless customer service in the event I have an accident and that's what I got.

[Montage of Progressive Claims adjuster inspecting a damaged vehicle, a Progressive Service Center representative working on the computer.]

I live in southern California. What I want from an insurance company is a company that realizes accidents happen, this is why you have insurance, we're not gonna be jerks about it.

[Cut to vehicle in the Progressive Service Center, being inspected by a representative.]

She took all this information, my heart's still racing, umm [laughs], and she said, "Okay, that's it, " and I'm thinking like there's not...I thought it was gonna be just a longer process, because I was an accident. And previous experience is it took forever just to get all the information, I feel like they ask the right questions.

Customer 4:

I made the claim online and actually had a decently quick response, they called like within an hour or two, so was pretty happy with that.

[split screen with car pulling into Progressive Service Center] ...and so once she told, go here, drop it off, they'll call you when it's done. I went there, I dropped it off, they called me when my car was done. That's really how easy it was.

[Montage of damaged vehicle being inspected by friendly Progressive Claims representatives.]

Customer 5:

The prompt service, I mean it was immediate connection into their network of collision centers, into a variety of places that I could've taken a vehicle to, and had that set up that day.

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