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Part of the beauty of today’s world of consumerism is that people have choices. As businesses compete for each and every customer, the customer finally has the upper hand. When it comes to getting car insurance quotes this has never been more true. Consider how getting rates to compare for auto coverage was, just a few short years ago:

  • Call or even stop by every car insurance carrier in your area.
  • Give out all of your personal information to each company, wasting a great deal of time and making your data available for plenty of people to see.
  • Wait around for a few days to get that return quote from each company.
  • After a week call those companies that hadn’t gotten around to calling you back.
  • Finally compare rates that usually weren’t even that competitive.

Now, you usually have to do nothing more than start with your zip code to get multiple auto insurance quotes online from companies, and practically in an instant. The best advantage is that the rates are finally super competitive.

The bottom line is that getting your quotes now takes a fraction of the time and effort and with better results for cheap car insurance rates.

Ways You Save

Before you compare rates though, you should be aware of some useful tips that can help you save even more. It may start with just your zip code but there are other aspects that go into customizing your premium costs. Know these before you agree on a policy provider.

  • More than one type of coverage – Most people have other insurance policies out there but don’t always think about bundling them in order to save money. You may save on more than just your car insurance this way. Not only that, but it can also be a lot easier to make your insurance payments if you make it to one carrier and usually at just one time. So take all of your other policies into consideration, such as health, life, motorcycle, home owners or renters and combine them with auto coverage.
  • Know your driving record – At least have some idea if you have some tickets, accidents or other infractions that could cause your insurance rates to be higher. It usually only takes three years for marks to come off of your driving history. Too many drivers think they have a clean record and are disappointed when the low rates they thought they were getting vanish because of the infractions they forget about. Keep in mind though that you should compare rates again or at least alert your carrier when three years passes and your record is “clean” again.
  • Think about the car you drive – Before jumping behind the wheel of that flashy red convertible sports car that is financed for practically six figures, get the insurance coverage rates first. Even if you can afford the loan payments you may discover you cannot afford the car insurance coverage too. Obviously, more sensible cars with loads of safety and anti-theft features offer you the most affordable insurance premiums. So before you sign your name to a car loan, keep this in mind.
  • Find other ways to save – People often have ways to help cut costs on their insurance rates but don’t realize it or take advantage of them. For example, if you do have a spotty driving record, find out if taking a driver’s school class would help lower your rates. If your insurance would cost less by having it housed in a garage, get around to cleaning that garage out. The money from a yard sale of that junk alone could take care of some of your premium costs. Being a member of certain organizations, like the military, can also help lower your rates. Do some research to find out how to save.

In fact, find out if your car color choice might save you money before you buy your next vehicle. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should regularly compare your car insurance rates. We make it easy for you to get free multiple auto insurance quotes at once. Even if you are happy with your current provider doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still get some rates to see how much you could be saving.

Also make it a point to learn some common driving mistakes so you can avoid them. Learning to be a better driver is great for your car insurance, but more important for your safety. Find out how much you could be saving by trying rate comparisons today.

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